Retained Cheryl Stein twice as my personal lawyer

Having retained Cheryl Stein twice as my personal lawyer has given me the opportunity to not only have my legal matters resolved in the most professional way with the most satisfactory outcomes possible, it has also allowed me to get to know a caring and trustworthy friend who is concerned about my well-being as she is handling my case.  I have referred several family members and friends to Ms. Stein for assistance in all of their legal needs, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking knowledge and sound legal advice.

Criminal defense lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer in a small jurisdiction in Indian Country, I rely on outside sources for advice on the surprisingly complex and difficult legal issues that arise in my day-to-day practice. I was introduced to Ms. Stein through the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. When I requested assistance from attorneys who are members of the association, Ms. Stein was the first to respond. Five years later, Ms. Stein continues to patiently provide me with insightful and creative legal analysis. When it comes to search and seizure issues, Ms. Stein’s legal knowledge is unsurpassed. My clients have been fortunate to reap the benefit of her considerable legal abilities. Ms. Stein’s legal skills are matched only by her dedication to her clients and unwavering commitment to providing zealous legal representation. The citizens of the District of Columbia are lucky indeed to have such an advocate at hand.


Cheryl Stein is a fantastic attorney

Cheryl Stein is a fantastic attorney. She is an extremely dedicated worker, who worked tirelessly to successfully defend my case. She was always available for my questions and concerns. Ms. Stein treated me with dignity and respect, ensuring I had the most accurate and most current information regarding my case. Ms. Stein is passionate about defending her clients and maintaining her reputation, and it clearly comes across in her work. I would certainly feel comfortable referring any of my family and friends needing legal services to Ms. Stein.


Dedication and commitment into defending her clients

I am a national reporter who has covered criminal justice for 28 years. When confronted with complex laws or legal theories I don’t understand, Cheryl is someone I turn to who will explain them. More important, she does it quickly and comprehensively enough that I can write about those concepts in a way that any newspaper reader can understand. I know she puts the same dedication and commitment into defending her clients and giving them the counsel they deserve. If I or anyone in my family needed a criminal defense lawyer, we wouldn’t hesitate to call on Cheryl Stein.


Best criminal defense attorney in Washington, D.C.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need the best criminal defense lawyer in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. That lawyer is Cheryl Stein. Ms. Stein represented me in a case several years ago, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. She is smart and very thorough and took whatever time was necessary to fully explain to me the complexities of the case. I was very fortunate to have her as my lawyer.

Being in a courtroom facing criminal charges can be very intimidating. However, I felt confident that I had a great advocate working on my behalf.


A Must-See Defense Lawyer in Washington,D.C. for Criminal Lawsuits!

To Whom it may concern:
Cheryl D. Stein, Esq. of Washington, D.C.has been representing me with my criminal and civil law suits since 2009. My ongoing experience with Cheryl is one of high professionalism. With Cheryl’s extensive and expert knowledge of U.S. Federal laws, she is the definitive person to hire with sensitive criminal matters. Her recall of federal case law, and particularly the US Constitution and Amendments is superb. From her vast courtroom experience, she knows how to read the prosecution and is an expert in dealing with courtroom judges. I highly recommend Cheryl for anyone who has suffered with a criminal indictment. Thank you so much Cheryl for all your hard work and diligence with respect to my cases!

- (5 star review)

One of the finest criminal defense lawyers in Washington, DC

I highly recommend attorney Cheryl Stein. Ms. Stein is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. She is smart, thorough, and is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of the District of Columbia Superior court system. I was extremely satisfied with the way in which she handled my case and represented me during court proceedings.
Attorney Stein was always available for me. She answered every question I asked, and explained complicated legal jargon in a way that I could fully understand. I certainly hope that I am never in a situation where I need criminal defense representation, but if I ever am, attorney Stein will be the first person that I call.

- (5 star review)

Helps a legal novice.

Cheryl Stein has been my legal professor of sorts for close to a decade. As a journalist I am always in search of someone who knows the law, case law and the real world implications of a ruling. Cheryl is that and more. One of her most important attributes is an ability to take complicated legal doctrine and explain it in such a way that I get it, no small feat. She also is fantastic at looking at both sides of an issue and offering me points and counterpoints so I have a well-rounded view of whatever subject we are talking about.
On the rare occasion when she doesn’t know something immediately Cheryl can research legal cases quickly. She is a must in my Rolodex. I can only imagine the level of professionalism and effort she puts forth for her clients.

- (5 star review)

A Master in her Craft!

Cheryl Stein is in my opinion one of the best lawyers in DC. Not only does she have a great deal of knowledge in regards to the Law, but her court room presence is amazing. Ms. Stein was extremely helpful and was always professional while handling my case. I was definitely impressed by her preparation and her command of the court room. She adapted as things changed in the case and put up a great defense. I would highly recommend Cheryl Stein to anybody in need of a lawyer. You honestly couldn’t pick a better lawyer.

- (5 star review)