Firm Overview

Philosophy Of Law Practice

The following five principles are essential to providing top-quality legal services and form the basis for Ms. Stein’s approach to her practice.

  • Accessibility: The number one complaint made by clients to bar associations is that they are unable to reach their lawyer. Ms. Stein prides herself on her prompt attention to every communication from a client, or a loved one acting on a client’s behalf. With very rare exceptions, she returns phone messages on the same day they are left; she regularly schedules meetings with clients in the evening or on the weekend, if necessary to accommodate a client’s schedule.
  • Clear Communication: Ms. Stein believes that all legal concepts can be explained in a way that any adult can understand. Her contracts are written in clear English, not legalese. That clarity ensures that the parties understand exactly what is being agreed to, and it lessens the chance that the parties will end up in litigation. The best contract lawyer is not the one who wins the legal dispute over the contract that she has drafted, but the one who writes a contract so clear that no legal dispute ever arises. In the criminal area, Ms. Stein takes the time to explain all legal issues in a manner that allows the client to understand exactly what is at a stake in the case and to participate in decisions affecting his/her own defense.
  • Honesty: Ms. Stein always gives her honest opinion and never hides relevant facts from a client. It is impossible to guarantee a result in any legal case because there are too many variables. Any lawyer who guarantees you that he or she will win your case or assures you that you will never go to jail is lying to get your money. That lawyer should be avoided at all costs. The only guarantee that Ms. Stein makes is that she will work hard and do her absolute best. And that her best is awfully damn good.
  • Perseverance: Ms. Stein never gives up before the fat lady has stopped singing, changed into her street clothes and driven home.
  • Attention to Detail: Ms. Stein believes that there is no aspect of any case that is too small or insignificant to pay attention to. Seemingly minor details often carry the potential of leading to a better outcome for the client, even if the case cannot be won outright.

Criminal Law

The bulk of Ms. Stein’s practice is devoted to criminal defense. She has represented over 1000 individuals in the last 34 years. She is admitted to the District of Columbia bar and has practiced in several federal courts. Ms. Stein’s work encompasses trials and appeals, as well as post-conviction motions and petitions.


Ms. Stein has extensive experience negotiating and drafting contracts for individuals and for small businesses. In the business field she has drafted and/or negotiated contracts for the sale of products or services and for the lease of work spaces. On behalf of individual clients, she has drafted contracts relating to child visitation and support and to the division of property in contemplation of divorce.