Washington, D.C. Trials Attorney

Attorney Cheryl Stein has represented over 1,000 people in her criminal defense work in the last three decades. Because she is tenacious and determined, she takes her cases to trial if necessary, and also works on appeals and post-conviction motions and petitions.
Attorney Cheryl Stein operates by principles which guide her treatment of her clients. She will not promise a specific result in a case, but she will clearly and honestly explain what happens, answering your questions and your calls. She will persistently comb through details and refuse to give up if things look grim.


Many cases are dismissed before trial as motions are filed and questions are answered about the facts of the case and the way evidence was obtained. Many other cases plea out when the offer is reasonable and fits the circumstances.
Many other cases, however, will go to trial and the State will be required to prove everything they need to make their case. You as a defendant don’t need to prove anything or even respond if you don’t want to.
Trials are adversarial and Trials Attorney Cheryl Stein uses them to pick apart the case, confronting the witnesses and highlighting the deficiencies on the State’s case.


Sometimes even if you’ve had a trial you did not get the right result. Sometimes it’s because the Court ruled incorrectly on an evidence rule, or because of another kind of error made during the trial.
You still have a chance to file pleadings and ask a higher court to correct those errors. Your sentence could be modified or your conviction may even be completely overturned.
In some cases, you can even appeal after you have done a guilty plea and waived your right to appeal. Washington D.C. Appeals Attorney Cheryl Stein has successfully represented clients with cases like these and has argued in several federal courts.

An Attorney You can truly Count on

Washington D.C. Trials Attorney Cheryl Stein brings the same experience and skill to a shoplifting case that she brings to a murder case. She truly cares about her clients and their cases and works tirelessly on their behalf.
If you need a competent, skilled Trials Attorney who will treat your case as though it’s her own, call Washington DC C. Attorney Cheryl Stein for a free consultation today.