Washington, D.C. Habeas Corpus Attorney

Habeas corpus ensures that the government does not hold criminally accused individuals indefinitely without cause. It is a cornerstone of U.S. law. Unfortunately, even if you are being held unjustly, a petition for habeas corpus is no guarantee of your future freedom. It is imperative that you work with an effective Washington D.C. habeas corpus attorney such as Cheryl Stein. Seek justice with assistance from Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law.

What is Habeas Corpus? How Is It Used?

Habeas corpus is a court order (typically referred to as a writ) that requires law enforcement or other executive officials to explain to a neutral court why a particular individual is being detained. On occasion, it can be used as an alternative form of relief. For example, criminal defendants may seek assistance with reducing or removing bonds, contesting jury trial denials, or even contesting problematic prison conditions. If you’re not sure of your eligibility or the wisdom of filing for a writ of habeas corpus, seek counsel from a Washington D.C habeas corpus attorney such as Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law.

Why Is Habeas Corpus Important?

In some nations, people can be detained at any time, for any reason — and kept behind bars for years. Habeas corpus prevents this from occurring in the United States. The Supreme Court has referred to the “Great Writ” as being essential for protecting Americans from “arbitrary and lawless state action.” However, it is up to those detained unfairly to exercise this right.

Working With a Washington D.C. Habeas Corpus Attorney

Your Washington D.C. habeas corpus attorney plays an integral role in your case. Ideally, your lawyer will possess an extensive understanding of both state and federal courts, plus the ability to successfully navigate both settings. A zealous approach to law is also essential, as is compassion. Your attorney should demonstrate a clear understanding not only of legal procedure, but also the anxieties you face as a convicted individual.

Habeas Corpus at Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law

Seeking relief in the aftermath of a criminal conviction? Don’t despair; you still enjoy an opportunity to gain freedom. Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law is a valuable resource during this difficult time. She boasts an intimate understanding of criminal law and post-conviction relief. Contact her today to learn more about habeas corpus and your options following conviction.