Washington, D.C. Contracts Attorney

Contracts are a necessary part of creating and securing many legal obligations. Generally, when an agreement is made, the written contract between the parties decides whether the agreement is legal and defines the precise rights of each party. Problems often arise when agreements are drafted poorly or unfairly. Therefore, if you are planning on relying on a contract to secure certain rights, you should consult a contracts lawyer to make sure it is drafted properly and fairly.

What a Contracts Law Attorney Can Do For You

Small businesses, large companies, and individuals all benefit from the work of contracts attorneys. A contracts attorney can draft, negotiate, and properly execute legally-enforceable agreements that are fair to their clients. And, if disputes over contractual obligations ever arise, a contracts attorney can protect their client’s rights in arbitration or litigation.

It is important to have the assistance of a contracts attorney before drafting or agreeing to a contract for three main reasons:

  1. Many contracts are imprecisely written, and ambiguities in language can lead to major legal problems down the road. A contracts lawyer has experience analyzing contractual verbiage to ensure that contracts are written with clarity and legal specificity.
  2. There are formal requirements that certain types of contracts must adhere to in order to be enforceable. A contracts attorney will know the formal requirements and can make sure that these formalities are met.
  3. Finally, a contracts attorney can help you neogitate terms in a contract with the opposing party. Once rights are spelled out in writing, it can be difficult to get a better deal later. It is therefore imperative that before entering into any significant contract that you have an attorney review the document to see if any terms ought to be changed on your behalf.

If You Need Contracts Law Assistance, Call Attorney at Law Cheryl D. Stein Today

Washington D.C. Attorney Cheryl D. Stein has practiced law for over 30 years and has extensive experience negotiating and drafting contracts for individuals and for small businesses.  She has experience drafting and negotiating sales, services, and lease contracts. She has also drafted contracts relating to child visitation, child support, and division of property in contemplation of divorce.

Ms. Stein is dedicated to providing accessible and honest service to her clients. If you need legal assistance negotiating or drafting a contract, either one time or on a continual basis, contact Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law, to schedule a consultation today at (202) 388-4682.