Washington, D.C. Appeals Attorney

As complicated and confusing as the criminal justice system and civil courts may seem, they are simple compared to appellate court. Appeals cases require a specialized skill set that not all attorneys possess. The right attorney, however, can greatly improve the likelihood of successfully appealing your case. Don’t take a chance on your appeal; look to Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law for aggressive representation.

Grounds for Appeal

Criminal cases can only be appealed based on law, not facts. This means that defendants can only attack courts based on legal procedure, not the facts of the case or how these influenced the appealed decision. However, select cases may have grounds for appeal if substantial errors were responsible for the undesirable resolution. Evidence of jury tampering or other forms of misconduct may also render a case eligible for appeal. Washington D.C. appeals attorney Cheryl Stein has an intimate understanding of the numerous grounds for appeal; she can help you determine whether your case has any chance in an appellate setting.

The Criminal Appeals Process

If you believe that legal errors led to your criminal conviction, you owe it to yourself to try for an appeal. The process begins with an initial consultation. During that time, your attorney will examine your case to determine whether it is even eligible for an appeal. If you and your attorney decide to move forward, the next step involves filing a notice of appeal. Your attorney can help you draft and file this appeal. Keep in mind that even if you win the appeal, the prosecution could appeal that decision to a higher court. Either way, it is imperative that you have a skilled Washington D.C. appeals attorney on your side.

Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law: Aggressive Appellate Representation

Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law takes on a variety of complicated appeals cases. A skilled Washington D.C. appeals attorney, she has a strong track record in appellate court. She is determined to deliver a favorable case resolution and will do whatever it takes to ensure that your rights are defended. She prides herself on her ability to explain confusing concepts to her clients, in the interest of fully preparing them for the courtroom experience. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about her extensive appellate background and legal approach.