Areas of Law


As complicated and confusing as the criminal justice system and civil courts may seem, they are simple compared to appellate court. Appeals cases require a specialized skill set that not all attorneys possess. The right attorney, however, can greatly improve the likelihood of successfully appealing your case. Don't take a chance on your appeal; look to Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law for aggressive representation.

Habeas Corpus

Habeas corpus ensures that the government does not hold criminally accused individuals indefinitely without cause. It is a cornerstone of U.S. law. Unfortunately, even if you are being held unjustly, a petition for habeas corpus is no guarantee of your future freedom. It is imperative that you work with an effective Washington D.C. habeas corpus attorney such as Cheryl Stein. Seek justice with assistance from Cheryl D. Stein, Attorney at Law.


Attorney Cheryl Stein has represented over 1,000 people in her criminal defense work in the last three decades. Because she is tenacious and determined, she takes her cases to trial if necessary, and also works on appeals and post-conviction motions and petitions.


Contracts are a necessary part of creating and securing many legal obligations. Generally, when an agreement is made, the written contract between the parties decides whether the agreement is legal and defines the precise rights of each party. Problems often arise when agreements are drafted poorly or unfairly. Therefore, if you are planning on relying on a contract to secure certain rights, you should consult a contracts lawyer to make sure it is drafted properly and fairly.